How to Make Grass Green (8 Excellent Tips for Getting Thick Green Grass for You and Your Clients)

Having dead and brown grass can be embarrassing! Go the extra mile and learn how to make grass green with this guide for getting thick green grass.

Whether it is for your own lawn or you are just getting started on your lawn mowing business, having a great looking lawn can increase your homes value and curb appeal. Let’s get started on getting your lawn that lusciously thick green grass.

How to make grass green, what to do?

Watering grass

Water Thoroughly

One of the main things that everyone should do to make their lawn’s grass greener is watering the grass very thoroughly. Most people only turn their sprinkler on for a few minutes, which is not enough to hydrate the soil properly.

You should water your lawn enough so the roots can go deeper into the soil. This will keep your lawn greener even in the extremely hot weather. Now it doesn’t mean that you should water all day long. In short, instead of watering every day for a few minutes, focus on watering it more but limit it to a few times a week.

Apart from this, the time you water your lawn is also very important. For example- watering early in the morning at around 5 or 6 o clock is more beneficial than water at any other time. If you have an irrigation system, then program it to water before 6 am. By doing this, your lawn will dry out easily during the day and chances of fungal diseases will decrease.

Aerate your lawn

Aerate Your Lawn

Aeration, or the process of creating holes in the lawn’s surface, is a very important process to keep the soil from getting compacted.

Most people use their lawn for landscaping and due to this, the soil beneath the grass becomes compact. This causes air circulation problems, water drainage, and poor nutrient absorption.

That’s why it is very important to aerate your lawn regularly to loosen up the soil, so it can absorb nutrients properly.

There are different ways to aerate a lawn. You can either use an aerating machine to make the process easier. If you don’t have access to an aerating machine, then you can also do it with a handheld aerating tool.

For people who have medium-sized lawns, a handheld aerating tool is a good option, just make sure to aerate your lawn at least once a year.

Do Soil Testing

If you want to get better results, then you should do everything professionally. Just like human beings, soil also requires proper nutrients and minerals to grow better. You have to test your soil to find out what amendments you have to make. A soil test will tell you about the missing key nutrients, so you can add products and take measures to boost your soil.

For better results, you should consider doing a lab test because home kits are only reliable for PH levels.

Cut the Grass Properly

Before starting the grass cutting process, it is very important to know what height would be perfect to cut the grass. This is very important to get your grass to grow strong and healthy.

Don’t just adjust any level in your lawnmower and start cutting because when it comes to grass cutting, every grass species has unique requirements.

Some people cut their grass very short, which makes the maintenance very tough. Short grass requires frequent watering and you will have to use more herbicides.

A general rule of thumb is that you should set the mower to at least 3 inches. Taller grass is easy to maintain and they also provide shade to the roots, which helps in keeping the roots cooler during summers.

Apart from this, you should also make sure to keep your mowers blade sharp so it can cut the grass effectively.

Use Natural Fertilizers

Now some of you might be thinking why natural fertilizers, well the simple answer is that they work better than chemical ones. They do not harm the environment and also good for your grass health.

According to different studies and researches, it is proven that the use of natural fertilizers makes the grass greener in comparison to synthetic chemicals. Along with this, they come in different varieties and also healthy for you and your family.

Before using any fertilizers, make sure to aerate your lawn. This will double the effectiveness of the fertilizers and you will get better results. Coming to the volume, it is recommended to use fertilizers every 5 to 6 weeks.

This volume will boost growth, especially if you use the traditional fertilizers. But make sure not to use fertilizers excessively as it can turn the turf brown.

Leave Your Grass Clippings

After the mowing process, most people take the grass clippings and dump it into the dustbin. Instead of dumping the clippings, you should leave them on the lawn.

The main reason to do this is grass clippings are filled with nutrients and they act as natural mulch. Grass clippings decompose easily and provide amazing benefits, which includes improved soil texture and you will need fewer fertilizers.

In short, leaving grass clippings won’t only save your time but it will also enhance the quality of your lawn.

Proper seed selection

Proper Seed Selection

Proper seed selection is one of the most important things that everyone should take care of. It doesn’t matter whether you are fixing a patchy lawn or starting a new one, you must select the right seeds for your lawn.

One thing you have to keep in mind is that not all grass is equal, each requires a different kind of care and each grows better under different conditions. For example- some grass grows better in summers under proper sunshine, while others need cool climatic conditions to grow well.

So to get better results, it is very important to choose a grass that is suitable for your location. If you don’t have enough experience, then you can also contact your nearby home improvement stores as they will help you figure out which species would be best for your lawn.

Once you get the right seeds, spread them evenly and avoid overseeding.

Compost Your House Waste

However, composting the grass clipping is great to provide additional nutrients but you can also compost your kitchen waste to help your lawn grow better. This is a great way to reduce waste and utilize it for a good cause.

Compost has numerous benefits. They improve water drainage, prevent erosion, attract useful organisms, etc. The best thing about composting is that it is very easy and gives a good return.

How to make grass green, what to use?

After discussing the main things you should take care of, it’s time to talk about the type of products you should use to get great results. Choosing the right additional support is very important as it can make or break your whole efforts and hard work. So here are some products you can use:


As mentioned above that you should choose seeds according to your location. For example- Kentucky Bluegrass’ is perfect for people who live in cold areas. It is durable and doesn’t catch disease easily. Some other examples are- Fine Fescue and Perennial Rye grass. Coming to summer, St. Augustine Grass and Centipede Grass are a better option for warmer areas

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Coming to sprays, you can use Pre-emergent herbicides to eliminate unwanted grass and weeds. These sprays contain benefit and dithiopyr, which is very effective in removing broadleaf weed species.

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There are different types of fertilizers available and you should choose as per your requirements. For example- liquid fertilizers are best to provide quick nutrients to grassroots. The next one is the granule fertilizers. However, they may be slow-release but they offer ease of application

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So these were some things you should do to get a greener lawn. If you really want to turn your lawn better, then you will have to give your time and effort. Nothing happens in one day and you should do everything consistently to get the best results.

Over time, the soils become compact and it create problem in air circulation, you have to aerate your lawn periodically. Water is your lawn’s best friend, try to water your lawn deeply but less often.

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