One Dollar Business Plans started out of a desire to help people take action on starting their business. Giving them a low cost, high value way of getting a business running as quickly as possible.

About Levi

Levi is the owner of One Dollar Business Plans. He is from Tulsa, where he has lived his entire life. He has had an incredible professional career that spans over 15 years and includes working for multiple Fortune 500 companies, and managing the web marketing for a $10 billion dollar B2B software company. Some of his professional accomplishments include starting and running multiple successful businesses, including a SaaS, a Tulsa Website Design Agency, a mobile iOS game, and many websites.

Currently I am working on starting a new business: house cleaning in Tulsa. I’ll do some updated blog posts about my journey when I am settled.


After creating the lawn care name generator, it sparked me to create a whole new website full of random generators! Here is a list of ones I have so far at GeneratorNinja